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Dec 1, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Simple Perfection

Contemporary, natural and inspired design. This sums up today’s stunningly serene home that also boasts a feast of textural delights in every room.

In the living room, a beautifully simple mix of materials creates a tranquil balance. From rattan furniture and concrete-look walls to framed art, furry throws, vased greenery and light airy drapes… all of these interesting pieces add to the plethora of textures that pervade this space. Instead of overwhelming the interior, things feel well-coordinated and calm, thanks to a simple palette of colours and natural finishes.

Outdoor living is embraced in all its glory. Here the living spaces open up to the outdoors where ivy and palms bring a rich vibrancy to this home – the greenery pops against the white walls and bring a freshness to the space that only nature can!

Small details make a big impact in the bedroom. Wallpaper adds a beautiful finish in this space, and complementary colours are used throughout this room to create a designer look. Layered textures add to the overall style of this space.

The bathroom is crisp and minimalist – a wonderfully modern and inviting space. Hexagonal tiles extend from floor to ceiling, adding interest and modern appeal to this space. Matte black sanitaryware brings a touch of opulence and contemporary flair to this room.

Concrete finishes are a favourite element of the home. It ties the whole home together to accentuate the raw contemporary look that the owners wanted to achieve. Greenery has been carefully selected for the home to ensure it thrives in its given location – inside and out. The outdoor space, although small, is an oasis-style entertaining area that also incorporates a plunge-pool.

Overall, this home is a celebration of simple perfection. Greenery, concrete, natural light and a mix of beautiful fixtures!


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