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Jul 14, 2018

Plascon House Tour: A Renovator’s Dream

Clean lines, metallic finishes and modern furniture add to the overall look of luxury in this trendy Australian home. The overall look is one of contemporary refinement with modern touches throughout.

From the bold front door throughout the interior of this home, a bright, welcoming ambience has been achieved. Light neutral walls and ample natural lighting makes for a lively, fresh and inviting space.

In the kitchen, the copper light pendants above the kitchen island are some of our favourite features here! We love the subtle touch of elegance and colour with reflective qualities that pop against a white background. Bold black rattan bar stools add to the overall feel of contemporary living.

There is a natural flow between the living space and we love the freshness and wide open windows that welcome the light into this well-positioned dining area. Dark wood floors are classic and complementary and the choice of a geometric printed rug adds a sophisticated punch of colour. Black accents are modern and we love how it pops against the white walls. A minimalist black wall clock for instance, beautifully complements the darker aluminium window frames and choice of black seating.

Stone-look tiles in the bathroom are oh so modern and we love the grey undertones that these lend to the space. Again, modern lighting with a hint of metallic finishing adds some magic to this room. Sleek cabinetry, twin windows and double vanities complete this contemporary spa-like retreat.

Softer shades are welcomed in the bedroom with hints of colour and wooden finishes for a truly magical feel. Underfoot, plush carpets make for a luxurious finish while an array of linens and fabrics add to the comfort factor of this space. And that chunky woolen throw is simply idyllic!

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