Plascon House Tour: A Renovated Victorian Terrace

Staying true to the heritage of this home, an old Victorian terraced abode is given a new lease on life. Previously used as a commercial space, the challenge was put to designers to create a family home for five.

The client wished to repair, restore and celebrate the home’s heritage, and bring it into the current day. The end result is an award-winning renovation that merges the old with the new.

As with all terraces, there was a lack of light and connection with the exterior. Designers wanted to create an ‘open living platform’ at ground level, allowing interaction with internal light courts and side gardens which extend the sense of space. The sloping site from front to rear was utilised to delineate floor levels and provide definition. A narrow double-height void over the dining area brings light into the ground floor and connects with the children’s bedrooms above.

There is an element of storytelling in the house. You can read the layers of history and the narrative of the building as you move through it. There is a warmth and texture while the renovation opens the interior to light and the landscape. Internal courtyards, double-height voids, concealed glazed sliding panels offer the flexibility to open up or close down living spaces.

The end result is a loved family home – with open plan spaces that allow for communal family living and enjoyment. Modern touches bring a sophisticated edge without detracting from the building’s original heritage.




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