Plascon House Tour: It’s A Glamourous Life

How do you achieve a luxurious interior with a glamourous ambiance? Let’s step inside this glorious residence and take our cues from the designers of this special home!

Today’s tour takes us into a home described as a sensual dreamscape, full of beautiful textiles, lush plants, gorgeous art and vintage finds. It is a spectacular boho home with hints of the deliciously exotic and utterly unique.

Designed by interior decorator, Sera Hersham-Loftus, this beautiful home is hard to label as it combines a beautiful mix of trends and styles. It’s kind of exotic and sophisticated with modern touches and dark shades – including dark, moody ceilings – that set the tone of style here.

The bedrooms are unique and intrinsically vintage with old wooden frames and a blend of textures and textiles. In fact, designers chose 10 different wallpapers from as far afield as Hong Kong to add style and texture to this intimate space.

We see the use of wallpaper in many different areas, including the bathroom and even the ceilings. Here, an eclectic mix of furniture and prints adds some vintage and boho soul to the bathroom. A Victorian tub hints at a past life as does old prints in vintage frames.

A striking dressing room becomes a real showstopper in this home. The tiling is all handmade, each piece is a one-off so each is slightly different. This room (previously a shower room) looks like it’s always been here, but it’s actually brand new.

Overall, this is a gorgeous boho and glamourous home – filled with many hidden details, textures and finishes that add a vintage elegance to each room. We love the unique look that seems to set its own trend in every space.




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