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Apr 10, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Grey Living

Grey has often been viewed as a colour that is monotone and uninteresting but the latest trend within interior design is to elevate grey as a striking design feature within modern interiors. Today’s home shows us just how it is done with gorgeous shades of grey overwhelming every space, creating a wow factor in each room in today’s trending abode.

Grey on grey is the new white on white. It’s deep shades and shadows offer contrast and beautiful presence in any space. Here we see how a living and dining room take on a whole new dimension in solid greys extending from the beautiful bespoke library wall to the floors and furnishings. Grey is far from monotonous here – it is fresh, contemporary and trending.

Today’s home boasts a living space that feels moody and intriguing thanks to the grey shades used in the choice of soft furnishings and furniture. Like moody clouds that roll in on a winter’s day, this living room echoes the patterns of nature with its glorious grey tones and shadows that are reflected in this space. The many soft furnishings add a level of comfort in this Scandi space.

In the bedroom, the striking wooden beams overhead are a beautiful and eye-catching feature, adding to the character of this residence. The Nordic style shines through, in the choice of muted colours, minimalist furniture and an array of mixed fabrics and textiles to add to the textural aesthetic of this space.

The styling is layered and interesting. Although a minimalist colour palette is used, an array of interesting pieces add intrigue here, from geometric prints and framed art to stoneware, glass, books and more all harmoniously placed together in complementary shades of grey and white.

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