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Mar 28, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Embracing The Garden

Surrounded by garden views, today’s sophisticated family home is a feast for the senses. We can almost smell the fresh greenery that peers inside through tall glass doors and with pops of colour splashed throughout this modern interior, the home offers a fresh new perspective on embracing the outdoor living trend.

A gorgeous open plan living area really is the heart of this modern home. The room is fully enclosed by glass walls to make full use of the wonderful exterior views and natural light that cascades inside from all angles.

The room is vibrant with bursts of fun colours in the choice of furniture and accessories used. And how stunning is that metallic feature floor lamp which offers a curved elegance to this wonderful space!

With a pull towards modern design, the kitchen is beautiful in sleek black cabinetry with round wooden hardware that adds a sense of Asian inspiration to this space. The sphere-like light fitting makes a grand statement here, juxtaposed against the dark cabinets.

The kitchen opens up into the living and dining spaces, and gorgeous wood flooring adds symmetry here. Dark stone finishing adds definition in the kitchen and pops against the lighter shades of the living space and white ceilings overhead.

The garden entices, drawing our eyes outward to those beautiful palm leaves and wild overgrown trees that are as much a feature to the interior as they are on the outside of this home! The greenery adds energy to this living room and a welcome freshness.

Grey is always a winner in the bedroom. This colour is calming and seems to work with a wide array of shades, such as they vibrant pinks and blues captured in this bedroom. In matching tones, the drapes fill the entire wall and have been perfectly paired to add to the overall look of this modern room.

The patio is possibly our favourite spot in this home. A gorgeous white wall installation captivates us and creates the perfect partition to the garden, with small sections exposed to give us glimpses of the greenery just beyond this space.

Gorgeous red heart seating steals the show here – a contemporary addition to this stunning outdoor entertainment area.

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