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Jan 19, 2018

Plascon House Tour: Embracing The Dark Side

If you’re not a fan of bright, bold colours, then the darker shades of today’s sultry apartment may just be your thing! Still super sophisticated and modern, today’s house tour shows us that the darker side of life can be equally as stylish as the more common style of bright, white and open spaces we’ve been seeing lately!

Take the living space, for example, where a cooling shade of blue has been used for the interior walls, emitting a cool, calm and sophisticated ambience in this room. Light seems to play off the darker shadows in this space and pops of greenery bring a certain degree of freshness and life back into this otherwise darkened interior. Designers have opted for clever wall storage in this room, with a custom-built wooden display shelf that takes up a large portion of the walls. Here, everything from books and stationery to earthen pots and a stereo find prime of place. Black is celebrated in the contemporary kitchen – with gorgeous black cabinets that are modern and appealing. In contrast, a simple white tile is used as a modern backsplash while open shelves and stainless steel appliances add to the lived-in feel of this space. The bedroom is typically Scandinavian and minimalist in style, with simple decor that is in no way overwhelming. A neutral palette of white and grey completes this simple bedroom, with pristine sheer white drapes that flow around the corner window and reach all the way to the ceiling in order to create the illusion of space and high ceilings. Contact: Plascon via

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