Plascon House Tour: Chic Parisian Living

Step inside this bold Parisian apartment where chic Parisian style meets a touch of quirky. The home of a gallery owner, today’s apartment is filled with interesting finds that catch the eye and lend to the beauty and interest of this space.

Old and new; art and function; playful and streamlined. All find pride of place in this home, located in Paris’s Marais District. Interesting metallic lighting and modern art adorns the living space. Wooden flooring adds a modern aesthetic. Each piece seems to serve as both a striking ornamentation and a functional item in the living room. A dark bronze table lamp, for example, also adds a playful and artistic quality to the room with arms that seem to branch into a tree.

A fireplace is brought to life with a beautiful golden framed mirror above the mantel. A combination of collector’s items – art, sculptural pieces and more adds some interest here. Apparently, the owner often brings his work home – testing out the many interesting scultptures and artwork in his own home to see if it will work in a domestic setting.

The end result is a beautiful mix of items that bring texture, colour and more to the home. A mix of materials add character here with hints of metal, wood, leather and more that brings a beautiful textural aesthetic to this modern home. A vintage table and café chairs mixed with limited edition designs anchors the dining space.

In the kitchen, everyday items take centre stage. The open wall is used as storage for pots and pans, knives and more.

The bathroom feels a little more classic – with a beautiful metallic framed shower, bold white subway tiles and artistic metal chandelier. We also love the use of patterned flooring to bring colour and life into this space.


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