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May 18, 2019

Plascon House Tour: An Organic Canadian Retreat

A home with a strong connection to nature. This sums up today’s stylish family abode where a bamboo garden and organic touches add life to this inviting retreat.

It is a three-storey family home located in Toronto – each floor caters to the unique needs of the family. A cinema, office, gym, recreation room and more adds to the luxurious feel of this innovative home.

The Toronto setting and the family’s love of nature played a big role in the design. An indoor garden adds a special connection to nature, right in the midst of this home. With gorgeous bamboo shoots, the indoor atrium will hopefully grow to extend up the double volume walls that are at the centre of this home.

A floating wooden staircase anchors this space while striking Rainforest marble flooring adds a touch of elegance. The surfaces inside the house are carefully chosen – black onyx to reflect the rugged landscape outside; strong-grained eucalyptus wood in the kitchen to add drama and a touch of the exotic; plus acres of white walls to showcase the owners’ collection of contemporary art.

The kitchen is dreamy and organic with a living moss wall that steals the show here. Dark eucalyptus wood cabinets bring a rich and intriguing character to the kitchen – which pops against the organic greenery that brings fresh appeal.

The master bedroom is kept sleek and contemporary. A concealed walk in closet is the perfect addition to this space while a customised bed and storage unit makes the most of this exquisite space.

Overall, this Canadian home oozes luxury living with a special ode to the natural world and the beauty of organic living.

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