Plascon House Tour – A Visit To A Fisherman’s Village in Caraiva

Today’s home is a celebration of all things simple, rustic and natural. Step inside this rustic Brazilian fisherman’s village home and take in the many textural delights on offer.

An open plan space takes on many functions with tabletop, built-in concrete seating and loft ceiling which adds to sense of openness and space in this home. The screeded grey flooring adds to the overall look of rustic simplicity and hints of natural wood bring warmth and textural interest to every room.

Decor accessories are kept minimal with woven baskets and floor rug that enhances the feel of natural beauty in this home. A stunning feature staircase almost tricks the senses. As if floating in space, each stair is cleverly installed against the wall to give the illusion of suspension – also adding to the simplicity and minimalist look celebrated in this space. Simply gorgeous!

The kitchen is homely and rustic and equipped with all the modern amenities one may not expect from a simple fisherman’s home. Here a striking custom-built concrete island takes centre stage with gas-top cooking and rustic wooden bar stools neatly tucked underneath. Open kitchen shelving is on trend here – adding useful storage and acting as a functional spot to showcase the owner’s crockery and kitchenware. A double-door fridge fits in perfectly here and old-world wooden cabinets add to the rustic flair of this room.

The bathroom is an oasis of natural elegance with stone flooring, double rain showers (with a view!) and a double custom wooden vanity. Super stylish and luxurious although simple and understated!

Things are kept light and airy in the bedroom with doors and windows that welcome natural lighting into this space. Simple white linen adds to the luxurious feel of this space and wooden elements are celebrated here – from the ceiling to the cabinets and support beams used in this room.

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