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May 11, 2019

Plascon House Tour: A Colourful Edwardian Manor House

From the grand entrance to the brightly coloured bedrooms of this 20th-Century manor house in the Northumberland countryside, today’s home is a spectacle of colour and intricate designs. It is here where colour and pattern know no bounds.

British architectural features are evident in the stately entrance hall of this Edwardian Manor house. And yet, the space feels light and bright thanks to the soft neutral colour palette that becomes the backdrop of this space. Furniture, on the other hand, comes alive in bright colours – dark shades of blue, orange, mustard and more adds a rich artistic flair to this space.

Furniture seems to be a mix of interesting pieces – with wood, upholstery, glass and more working together in this eclectic home.

In the bedrooms, colour is the feature. The bold palette of yellow features dominantly in the guest bedroom and a gallery of framed artwork takes centre stage in this space. Golden frames create some symmetry and adds to the sense of luxury living in this interior.

In the boys’ bedroom, an attic room is given a new lease on life with wallpaper that extends right across the walls and ceiling. The mesmerising pattern has a bit of a vintage feel but it surely infuses colour and life into this space. In the girls’ room, however, dramatic shades of blue, pink and orange are electrifying. Again an interesting choice of wallpaper ties the eclectic look together and adds to the rich artistic feel of the bedroom,

In a twist of the unexpected, the kitchen is kept neutral in whites – far from the eclectic and artsy feel of the bedrooms. Here white panelling creates a calming environment. white-painted woodwork and plain walls set the tone here.

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