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Dec 27, 2018

Plan The Perfect Picnic With These Must-Have Items

Our days are filled with sunshine, birds chirping and gorgeous scenery that should not be taken for granted. It’s time to load the family into the car and plan the perfect outdoor picnic this summer. Here we share some top tips for the best picnic and Marcia’s favourite picnic products.

  1. Keep it simple.

When it comes to picnic delicacies, keep things simple and opt for foods that store well and can be eaten as finger foods. Pastries, fresh fruit and cocktail snacks are ideal as picnic treats. Pack a variety of healthy snacks such as nuts, biltong and more. Invest in a quality picnic basket to house all of your favourite snacks.

2. Stay in the shade

Whether you’re headed to the beach for a glamour-filled sea-view picnic, or you’re planning to visit your local park, be sure to plan ahead as the South African sun can be very harsh. Invest in an umbrella for added shade and ensure that your family has sufficient covering with sunscreen and sun hats for everyone!

3. The Right Blanket

Invest in a quality picnic blanket that will suit your family. Choose something low maintenance that is big enough to accommodate your family. The right blanket is about function over style, although the right combination of both can be a real winner. You want something that you can simply shake out and fold away after use; and that is easy to clean and store at home.

Beach mats from Fab Habitat

4. Added comfort

Bring comfort to your family picnic with scatters, blankets, beach mats and lighting. There is nothing better than lazying away in the sunshine while your kids are actively engaged outdoors, so be sure to pack a few pillows, sunglasses and towels (if you’re near a pool or the beach) to ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable.

From picnic baskets to stylish umbrellas, scatters and more, here are some of Marcia’s top finds when it comes to planning for the perfect picnic:

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