Petra Vonk Design: Making the Mundane Magnificent

Forward-thinking design studio, Petra Vonk Design, continues to push the limits of design ingenuity. Cleverly exploring a new platform in the industry, Petra Vonk mixes various décor, design and art objects and materials together to create a fresh, new approach to what one normally expects from contemporary design trends.

Going back to the basics, this local creative agency plays around with the fundamental form and use of objects to achieve a whole new level of design. The idea is for people to not really know what materials they use, and only upon closer inspection, all the different objects are revealed. This is evident in their giant hanging light spheres, referred to as ‘fur balls’, which will be on display at the Decorex in Cape Town this weekend.

Their exhibition at the Decorex will showcase some ingenious creations and ideas. Various industry objects will be at play, including visual merchandising, interior decorating, art supplies and design objects. Each of these items will take on a different meaning and will be viewed in a completely different and interesting light.  The aim is to make some mundane objects exciting to look at, and hoping it will inspire each visitor to take a bold step and to explore their own creativity.

This is very exciting, as the studio in many ways will break all “society rules” and use objects that may normally be found in a bath tub, in the design of an exquisite ceiling chandelier, for example. Petra Vonk has a strong focus on using reclaimed items, but also mostly handmade to give it a different form and shape. A mix of old and new – mundane and fresh ideas, this is what you can expect. This is liberating design; the challenge of executing original ideas and making something wonderful that the design world has not yet come to see. Be sure to catch them at the Decorex where all these exciting ideas will come to life. They are also launching a ‘dog lamp’ range as a limited special edition at the Decorex.

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