Peak Inside The Camper of The Future

VisionVenture is the camper of the future. A beautiful contemporary camper van that will break new ground in terms of design, self-sufficiency and lightweight construction. It shows what modern travel adventures will look like from 2025 and beyond!

Hymer, a German firm specializing in making camper vans and motor homes, teamed up with a chemical and engineering company named BASF to build a concept that previews what spending a few days off the grid will realistically look like in 2025. The VisionVenture concept made its global debut at a massive camping trade show held in Düsseldorf, Germany.

The VisionVenture concept is based on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter — it retains the original doors, headlamps, and grille while the windshield has been moved forward and the A-pillar, engine hood and canopy have been redesigned.

The interior offers a spacious, well-lit cabin in which two passengers can comfortably ride and sleep. Here a re-imagined floorplan steals the show. It is both multifunctional and stylish, the ideal combination for discerning adventurers.

The living area sits under a panoramic window that offers amazing views, and the rear opens to a sun-lit terrace that comes complete with a pull-out BBQ station.

The latest reviews say that the VisionVenture is surprisingly uncluttered for a camper, and it’s largely made with natural materials like wood, so it almost looks like an upmarket Scandinavian apartment. Essentially it is a stylish living quarters on wheels.

The kitchen is built into an LED-lit staircase that also functions as additional storage space. The stairs lead to the “second-floor bedroom,” which features an inflatable sleeping roof with an insulated, honeycomb exterior wall that can be inflated with heated or cooled air in just one minute.

The bathroom is just as sleek and contemporary with fold-away sink that allows for a spacious shower cabin. Modern finishes have been used throughout this model, and we’re excited to see how this VisionVenture impacts the future of mobile living and camping experiences.






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