Pave It Perfect With Corobrik’s Clay Paver Shapes

Pave It Perfect With Corobrik’s Clay Paver Shapes

Whether you’re a first-time home owner wanting to add a simple pathway to your property, an aspiring landscaper hoping to frame your perfectly manicured flowerbeds with a border of pavers, or an architect with a commercial paving contract, it’s important to know the different paver shapes that are available if you really want to get creative with your paving project and turn it into something that you’re truly proud of.

From standard and doppio pavers to piazza and cobble pavers, leading masonry manufacturer, Corobrik, has one of the widest ranges of paver shapes available in South Africa. So, naturally we turned to them for their expertise and discovered these 4 common clay paver shapes in our pursuit to help you expand your design skillset:


1.Standard Pavers

Image featuring Corobrik Cederberg Clay Pavers

Standard Corobrik pavers are sized 220 x 108.5 x 50mm thick and are an extremely popular choice of paving. These are typically used for pool and driveway paving, and are sought after for their classic, timeless appeal.

2.Doppio Pavers

Sized 220 x 220 x 50mm thick, Doppio pavers are one of the more contemporary paver shapes you’ll come across. So, if you’re looking to create some on-trend style underfoot or complement a fashionable building exterior, then this paver is ideal.

  1. Piazza Pavers

Image featuring Corobrik Burgundy Piazza Pavers

Want to bring some classic Italian flair to your paving project? The long and slender, 220 x 50 x 50mm thick Piazza paver is reminiscent of Venetian city surrounds and is frequently used to enhance outdoor restaurant flooring with its lively look and feel.

  1. Cobble Pavers

Imitating the appearance of small, round stones, cobbles – sized 110 x 110 x 50mm thick – have a unique and natural charm about them. This type of paving is extremely versatile when it comes to design and is very easy to mix and match with other paver shapes.

Now that you have a basic idea of the different paver shapes available, we hope you have fun experimenting with new and interesting ideas – be it lining standard pavers with a border of piazzas or sectioning off squares of doppio pavers with cobbles. The paving possibilities are endless!

For more information on the different types of paver shapes available, don’t hesitate to get in touch with an expert consultant at your nearest Corobrik centre.


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