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Feb 10, 2019

Orms Direct Decor Print Solutions

Our phones are often filled with photographs and memories – our last vacation, our kid’s first day of school, and that Insta-worthy dinner you had last night. But besides accumulating space on your mobile device, what else are you doing to cherish these great photographic memories?

Orms Direct Decor Print Solutions offer a creative outlet to help you make the most of your precious memories. Never has there been a more exciting time for expressing your personal décor style. Now you can customise anything your heart desires; from your very own wallpaper to inspired pieces for your home or office. And, if you need a bit of help, the talented designers from Orms are available to give you expert, on-trend advice, and even execute your vision for you.

Where to start?

If you have to sift through thousands of photos to choose the best ones to use as home decor, then we have a few tips to help you along.

Why not start with your Instagram feed? These often have the nicest pics you’ve taken so it would be a wonderful starting point. Go from Instagram to instant art by printing your digital pics directly onto wooden blocks that come ready to hang!

Canvas prints are another great home decor trend that can be personalised to showcase some of your favourite photographs. Create your own beautiful or inspiring stretched canvas prints for your home or office, in an array of sizes you can use to adorn your walls.

As one of the few companies which offer wood printing in South Africa, Orms is also proud to announce this exciting printing option. They also print directly onto dibond® with a brushed aluminium finish for an industrial-chic look that will give your décor an international edge.

What’s more is that at Orms you can print your memories onto perspex, posters, wallpaper and more.

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