Nicolson Russell: A Celebration of Women

As we celebrate Women’s Month, let us acknowledge those amazing women who have paved the way for us! We also bring you some stylish table settings to inspire your own Woman’s Day celebrations and we speak to the team behind the renowned brand, Nicolson Russell, about how their all-female team finds inspiration!

Spoil those fabulous women in your life with a special meal celebration. Here are a few vital tips to help you set the perfect table!

  • Arrange your eating utensils in the order of use – from the outside in. Your guests will know to eat in that order too.
  • Forks are placed on the left side of the plate, while the knives and spoons go on the right.
  • Napkins should be placed on the left of your forks or on the plate itself.
  • Glassware should be positioned directly above the knives.
  • The bread plate (optional on the table) sits above the forks, with a butter knife laid across it.

We are in love with the beautiful tableware and cutlery on offer from Nicholson Russell. Their stylish pieces are gorgeous and timeless and would certainly elevate the status of your Woman’s Day celebration!

Founded by Emma Russell in 2007, Nicolson Russell has become a recognised brand in the industry. Today they are 100% female-owned and continue to set the trend locally when it comes to bespoke cutlery and dinnerware.


We chatted to Emma about what inspires her and what trends we should keep our eyes on this season!

What’s your go-to classic colour choice? Copper – timeless and so easy to match – looks great in a regal setting and in nature.

Is there a hotel that’s most inspired your work? A lot of the Parisian hotels did – The Ritz was spectacular – very ornate and lots of gold mixed in with soft pastel colours. I love the vintage and baroque looks!

A place you love to visit? Malta and Japan – what an experience! Both breathtakingly beautiful, steeped in history. Also Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany, took my breath away. It is the castle that Walt Disney used as a design for the princess castles at his famous resorts.

Where do you go to spot new styles? London – Capital of international trends and I find more related to our market than America and other European countries who prefer minimal looks. London is bold, fresh and colourful in their trends, more suited to our market and customers’ desires.

Do you have a favourite restaurant? Silver Orange in Haartebessport – the farm like setting, warm and cosy – the old farmhouse delft plates on the wall which are always a winner with me (I LOVE delft – it should be seen more), gorgeous cobble floor setting, fireplace and a view of the orange orchids!

Who or what is your biggest design influence? I like to look at cutlery that has been made in the different ages in history – like mentioned, the regal and baroque. Currently, we are designing around the medieval style and look – think King Arthur and more gothic look with curves and great design work in the handles of our cutlery. For our crockery, I get my designs simply from nature – we are designing more ‘textured’ looks – back to nature – marble in different colours, malachite, wood etc

Visit Nicolson Russell at Decorex and SARCDA 2018

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