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Feb 22, 2017

Making space: dividing a studio apartment

Privacy is essential to our needs. If our needs are not met, we often end up feeling stifled and claustrophobic, especially if we are living with a friend, family member or partner. Our space is sacred. It reminds us of our existence, to be self-aware, to enjoy our own company and to sit and feel and just be without someone watching or sharing that moment with you. So making space in a studio apartment is a task to undertake by being creative, not by building a wall between they and you.


There are several ways to divide the space without it feeling too forced or separate. These ideas are a start:

  • A slated wooden screen provides an illusion of privacy in a studio but it doesn’t cut up the small space.


  • A glass and brass screen = serves to separate the private and public areas of a studio apartment, however you see right through the charade. A transparent divide keeps the room open, yet clearly marks a boundary that’s off-limits.


  • A puzzle of open, glassware-lined shelves separates two rooms. Get the look by using shelving and semi-translucent collectibles that let you glimpse through to the space beyond.


  • You can section off your work area with a curtain sewn from colorful, mismatched scarves. If you’re a DIY-savvy renter, try stitching your own curtain and use removable Command hooks or a curtain wire to suspend it from the ceiling.

Dividing A Studio Apartment Scarves

  • Folding screens automatically seem to turn any bedroom into what can only be described as a “boudoir.” A bamboo-and-fabrical one infuses the room with a laid-back tropical vibe.

divider_5 How do you divide your space? We’d love to hear about your novel approaches to privacy.

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