La Grange Interiors: Basketware

Basket weaving is one of the most common crafts in the history of human civilization, and the art is often passed down from one generation to the next. Although it is so widespread, the use of baskets in interior design remains on trend, offering function with aesthetic appeal in the creation of beautiful pieces that blend in with a variety of design styles. 

At La Grange Interiors, you can shop from a wide selection of striking basketware in various finishes to add style to your interiors. Used as innovative and stylish storage solutions, these versatile creations add texture and functionality to any space. We also love the earthy feel of neutral basketware in muted tones – the perfect addition to a contemporary space.

Our favourite uses for baskets include the living room  – where you can store everything from TV remotes and DVDs to winter throws, kids’ toys and more. In the bedroom or even the bathroom, a gorgeous array of baskets are perfect for housing towels and linen, laundry, toiletries and various other products you want to keep concealed from the public eye. A beautiful neutral basket keeps things looking crisp and modern – hiding anything that could otherwise clash with your designer style. Take a closer look at some of the available options from La Grange Interiors – in various shapes and sizes to suit your space. We also love the variety of weaves available – boasting different patterns in a variety of shades.
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