Kettal Presents the VDL Penthouse by Dion & Richard Neutra

Kettal presents the Penthouse from Richard Neutra’s VDL Research House, a building constructed in 1963 that is the embodiment of his architectural theories such as “biorealism”, which denotes the relationship between architecture and health.

Kettal introduces the VDL Penthouse, which measures 12×4 m and conserves the building’s original interior layout, as well as a version with a completely transparent interior. Under the supervision of Dion Neutra, Richard’s son, updated construction methods and materials were used while respecting all of the house’s original details.

An automated smart home system has also been designed to control the lighting, air conditioning and heating, among other things.

“The box is opened fully by sliding doors, so that the actual rooms of the house are the garden spaces. This house, in its free relation to the ground, the trees and the sea, is in constant proximity to the entirety of nature. It acts as a guide and a ‘shock absorber’, providing a well-needed relaxation space away from the complications of daily life.” R. Neutra.

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