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The International Lifestyle Trendbook of 2018

This year’s International Trendbook shares insight from Ambiente 2018’s TrendTeam regarding five future-proof trends that are driven by shifts in our modern society. Here we share some of the top trends to inspire your own interior innovations for the year ahead.

1. Simplicity “To enjoy life more with having less.” Consumerism has made us more materialistic, but we value our products less and less. Having more stuff than we need can actually cause stress and a chaotic mind (Trouw, 2017). As a reaction to this, we see people navigating towards a more minimalist lifestyle, as prescribed by Japanese organising guru Marie Kondō. Minimalism is not only about having and using fewer things and products, but also making room for more meaningful experiences, living a meaningful life and celebrating freedom. A simplified lifestyle improves quality of life and helps to make life more peaceful. Embrace this trend with a colour palette of soft, grey tinted colours that won’t have an overtone and will create a calm ambience. 2. Living on the Go We are increasingly on the move, often to live, work and recreate in different cities. We travel to build our careers and to explore new cities. We work as freelancers and can essentially work from anywhere in the world. This creates a newfound freedom as more people become global nomads. As such, the Living on the Go trend is all about this fast lifestyle, and always being on the move. With the right products and tools, we are able to live comfortably with only the essentials, in any place around the world. Recurrent in this trend, we see materials such as metal, and hard and soft plastics. These are materials that will be lightweight, adaptable and easy to carry from one place to another to suit your flexible lifestyle. 3. Sense Shape Sense Shape is about products that break taboos and remind you of the sensuality of the body. As a counter reaction on the ongoing technologisation of our western society and daily life, being in touch with our bodies and our senses becomes increasingly important. Products with thought-provoking shapes help us stimulate our senses and fantasies, and help start a conversation about sensuality. 4. Use it or Lose it Natural waste is a new form of recycling, which is becoming increasingly essential in the struggle against climate problems. We are always looking for new ways to reuse trash, to experiment with trash material, which can actually be very interesting. Nowadays a lot of designers try to stay connected to the world by using natural waste, By using natural waste and trying to give waste a new purpose, designers are able to contribute to a more circular economy.  Junk normally seen as useless, now gets a value and a new function. 5. Focus in Overload Because of our increasing amount of screen time and busy lifestyles, more people suffer from an information overload (Hoorn, n.d). This means that the amount of input exceeds our processing system. People are inundated with news and social media updates, all day long. All of those incentives make it very hard for our brains to filter the most important information. This trend suggests the need to be able to stay focused in our busy world. With the help of products and services that stimulates us to be focused, we will be able to find what really matters. Source: Ambiente Trends

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