Holiday Decorating Ideas: Entertain in Style This Festive Season

Create a beautifully chic and elegant holiday home this festive season with our top tips for entertaining in style.

If you’re venturing away from home this Christmas, be sure to create a truly festive ambience at your holiday abode and share the festive cheer with your loved ones. From delicate wreaths and hanging decor to earthy baubles and more – get a contemporary look with these great ideas.

  1.  Create a magical table setting for a festive dinner with your favourite people. Get the look by displaying festive ornaments and a simple arrangement of greenery at different heights from a hanging candleholder. Keep it simple with added candles and a few sparkly decor items to add to the festive flair!
  2. Add opulence with golden touches. From golden decor accents to gold baubles, glasses and more – a touch of gold on your festive table is sure to bring a sophisticated and elegant touch to your Christmas celebrations this year.

3. Opt for an earthy, natural look with shrubs, twigs and even a hanging branch on which you can suspend your favourite festive decorations. Add ribbons in festive colours or go for a minimalist look with white hanging ribbons from a suspended branch over your dining table.

4. Make the most of your interior styling by decorating with complimentary colours. Instead of traditional reds and greens this festive season, opt for colours that will blend and add a sophisticated touch to your holiday celebrations.

5. Create a festive display in a prominent area in your holiday home, such as around a fireplace or mantel or in a display cabinet in the living room. Add a collection of festive decor or get creative and make your own – you could get the kids involved for this one and create beautiful handmade keepsakes that the whole family can admire.


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