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Nov 17, 2018

Get Ready For The Holidays With The Home Channel

This December, enjoy the holidays indoors with the latest line-up of shows from The Home Channel. The Home Channel delivers decor, design, home improvement, and property television programmes, mixing the best of local and international content.

What’s on the box? You can expect a stellar line-up of your favourite series and new shows to entertain with DIY, home decor advice, renovations, cooking and so much more.

What’s on this December? Don’t miss out on these new seasons on during December:

  • Income Property
  • Love it or List it
  • My Dream Home
  • Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes
  • Gardening 101
  • Location Location Location
  • Restoration Australia
  • Game of Homes
  • Mad about the House
  • Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics
  • Caesarstone Special
  • Buyers Boot Camp
  • Leave it to Bryan
  • Design for You

Brand new seasons include:

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes:

On Best Ever Dishes, chef Tom Kerridge wants to show us how to cook the best ever versions of the kind of food we all love. He’ll be turning every day dishes like lasagne, roast lamb or rice pudding into extraordinary ones which will taste unlike any version you’ve tried before.

For Tom, the difference between a good dish and a great dish is all down to flavour and he wants to show us how to pack our food full of it. It might be surprising ingredients you’ve never tried in your favourite dish, or simple tips on how to get the most out of those ingredients that will make all the difference.

Restoration Australia:

Across Australia, thousands of old buildings lie forgotten and neglected, tangled up by red tape and development restrictions, or just slowly mouldering into decay on the landscape. Many of these properties are of outstanding historical interest. Restoration Australia follows homeowners across the country as they restore Australia’s great homes to their former glory; important homes, that would otherwise be turned to rubble.

Filmed over the course of each build, Restoration Australia follows seven of these historically important buildings. From inner city grand terraces, to small countryside homesteads, we follow the homeowners’ restorations as they take the keys to their rundown properties in desperate need of some love, care and attention. These caretakers with a variety of budgets are dedicated to embracing Australia’s past and to restoring not only a house and a piece of history, but a home to be loved and lived in.

Kevin Dundon’s Back to Basics:

On Back to Basics, award-winning Irish chef Kevin Dundon demonstrates how easy and straight forward cooking can be. From poaching eggs and mastering a soufflé to a lesson on how to joint a chicken, he’ll break down the basics for even the most novice home cook.

Without using an abundance of convenience foods, he’ll help the home chef understand that with very basic techniques, they can master any dish. He’ll also take viewers to the source of ingredients, with visits to an organic farm, a flour mill, a cattle mart and more.

Buyer’s Bootcamp:

Scott McGillivray is taking his passion for real estate investing to a whole new level in Buyers Bootcamp! With years of real estate and home renovation experience under his tool belt, Scott knows a thing or two about flipping properties for profit. And now he’s lending a helping hand to rookie investors by showing them how it’s done.

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