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French Interior Tips

The French just “get it.” From their effortless fashion to their sensible diets, they make stylish living look easy. And you’d better believe they have it on lock when it comes to decorating their homes. Since there is so much history in French homes, they’ve managed to come up with the perfect mix of old and new, offsetting traditional design with modern pieces, and always keeping the space very stylish.

For the French, decorating is all about breaking the rules to create a space that’s unique and sophisticated, but still inviting. Here are some tips for successfully copying a French interior and adding that certain je ne sais quoi to your space. French Interior Tips Show off your features

Most apartments and homes in Paris are already historical treasures and have some gorgeous architectural elements like molded ceilings and carved detailing. While most of the homes are much more modern and not graced with such history, if you are lucky enough to have some great architectural bones, celebrate them. If not, try faking it by painting decorative details on the doors. French Interior Tips Get creative with closets

Unlike American homes, French homes rarely have built-in closet space, meaning they have to get creative with places to store their perfect wardrobes. You’ll often find an armoire in the bedroom. If you’re living in a small space or just want to add extra storage to your home, add one to your bedroom to store linens and towels. French Interior Tips Add some sparkle

Channel Marie Antoinette and add some glitz with a shimmery chandelier. But don’t go out and buy a shiny new one; if you really want to get the French look, the older the piece looks, the better. You want your fixture to look original, like maybe you just happened upon it at an antique market in Paris. French Interior Tips Tend to the bathroom

Since the French are masters of proper relaxing, they know the power of a good bath at the end of a long day. Do what you can with your bathroom to make it a mini spa. While a classic claw foot tub may not be in your budget at the moment, even the tiniest of bathrooms can get a French makeover with a mini vanity, some toile wallpaper and marble tiling. French Interior Tips One grand focal point

Obviously, the whole space can’t look undone, or your home will start to feel a bit chaotic. In contrast to those casual decor bits, French homes also embrace a dash of luxury, like dramatic drapes that puddle onto the floor, a massive gilded mirror or some other glamorous accent that really elevates the space. French Interior Tips Tips originally published on Brit + Co

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