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Jul 16, 2018

Design trends – What’s hot and What’s not

With design trends consistently changing it’s become increasingly difficult to keep up with what’s hot and not. From what colours are in to what furniture designs are a must, it can be extremely overwhelming – especially if the interior design thing doesn’t fall within your skill set.

So if you are working on a new design project, about to remodel or you’re thinking of investing in new furniture, you might want to take note of what is popular today.

Here’s what we’ve included on our what’s hot and what’s not list:

Cleaner modern décor – This is hot

Image sourced from: www.impiana.my

It’s all about transitional décor, less clutter, bulky furniture, ornate over the top accessories. People are gravitating towards cleaner, crisp modern lines.

2. Go natural – This is hot

Image sourced from: www.pinterest.com

Contrary to the technology-focused homes, there is a great emphasis on using natural materials for interior design projects. More attention is being given to primitive wood finishes, natural stones, brick and warm colours. Corobrik has an extensive range of clay bricks which showcase how versatile natural building products can be. They have also recently introduced the black brick to their range, which would be the perfect item to use for those who like to push the boundaries of design.

3. Colour, textures and patterns – This is hot

Image sourced from: www.decorilla.com

Add pops of rich, warm colour to your walls or through your bigger items like your furniture. Incorporate lush textures like velvet and bring through a sense of fun with geometric patterns with rugs, scatter cushions or lamps. This design trend is easy to implement and can easily transcend from one season to the next.

4. Open shelving – Not hot

Image sourced from: www.deviantem.com

The open shelving design trend has had its day. Time to pack things up and put them away. Clean, neat spaces seem to be the new trend these days.

5. White kitchens – Not hot

Image sourced from: www.modernize.com


All white kitchens are giving way to cabinetry that is heavier, Ombre and more colourful. Look for less all white backsplashes and countertops. Yes, a white kitchen is a classic design trend but rather try adding colour or texture with wall colour, countertops or feature walls. A brick feature wall is the perfect way to incorporate an element of texture and colour into your design. Corobrik has a wide range of brick sizes and colours that you could choose from.

Now that you know what’s hot and not when it comes to design trends. You can rest easy knowing that your next design project will be bang on trend. If you have any design trends you would like to share, then leave a comment in the box below, we love hearing from you. If you need help finding the perfect clay brick for your next building project, make sure to visit Corobrik.



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