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Jul 17, 2019

Declutter Your Life With Dyson

Did you know that clutter can have negative effects on the body and mind? Well, a home in a constant state of chaos will not only raise your stress levels, but may also keep you from feeling productive and in charge of your life. If you’re feeling stuck in a disorganised space, it’s time to declutter like a pro, with the help of Dyson.

Here are five ways to declutter for improved wellbeing…

  1. Declutter the Kitchen

It’s time to empty those drawers and re-arrange the pantry. Start with one drawer or cupboard at a time and completely empty it out so you can get a good look at what’s in there.

Start by vacuuming those hard to reach places such as the back of corner cupboards and nooks in the pantry. Use the opportunity to sanitize shelves and drawers while they are empty.

Next, check for expired goods and be sure to toss these out – you don’t want your family getting sick as a result of old and outdated products. Keep an inventory list of what you need and what you’re running low of. Restock your pantry as needed and be sure to keep the basics and staples close at hand for convenience.

Items not used on a regular basis can be packed away but keep those utensils you use on a regular basis close at hand within a drawer or cupboard. Avoid storing everything on your countertops – they will soon begin to feel clutttered. Open shelves are great – minimalist, functional and easy to store all your essentials in the kitchen.

2. Move on the Bedroom

Start in your closet and declutter. Toss anything you no longer want or haven’t worn in more than six months. Chances are you will not ever wear these items again. Create a donate pile of clothing you can donate to a worthy cause.

Next, move on to drawers and counters and get rid of anything that does not serve a purpose where it is, or does not make you happy. Keep counters clear and reorganise all your toiletries and accessories.

Invest in added storage in the bedroom, such as a dresser or under-bed storage unit. But before you go out and add more items to your room, be sure to vaccuum those spaces where big furniture pieces can be found. Move the bed and cupboards so you can eliminate dust in this hard to reach areas.

3. Declutter the Bathroom

Crisp, clean, sleek bathroom designs are in! Keep things simple with clear counters and ample storage for towels, toiletries and more.

Declutter those bathroom and medicine cabinets and be sure to do a regular check for any expired products. Make up and medication should be checked regularly to ensure you are no longer using (and cluttering up those cupboards) old and expired items.

Organising your life begins with the right cleaning utensils. A superior vacuum cleaner will not only help you keep things tidy but also germ-free, helping to promote your family’ wellbeing and assisting you with your daily home maintenance.

Dyson produces some of the world’s leading vacuum cleaners with vacuum cleaner technology designed and tested for powerful suction on all floor types.

All Dyson vacuum cleaners are engineered to deep clean your home.

For more visit Dyson.

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