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Deborah Garth Interiors: Less Is More

“Perfection is Achieved Not When There Is Nothing More to Add, But When There Is Nothing Left to Take Away.”

Words ever so true especially when you look at the end product of this beautifully appointed bathroom, a space fit for kings and queens, stunning in every aspect. Light, bright and airy with a decisive flow of crisp, clean energy spark one’s interest in this design. The longer you look at it, the more beautiful it becomes. The challenge here was working with the very restrictive floor layout as well as the lack of space to rearrange amenities. You could call it architecturally unexciting. This brought us back to not only an age-old cliché but also to the age-old beauty found in natural stone.  Now combine the two; less is more… is marble. Marble – the esteemed natural stone that speaks of nothing less than opulence, luxury and wealth. Its status lending warmth to any room. It was an obvious choice of material in this case – the star of the day! We opted for a light colour combination. Each tile boasts unique swirls of soft grey on pale white, polished to a high shine. Fitted on each wall, top to bottom as well as on the floor, gives a sense of harmony, creating the illusion of space. The use of complete transparent and frameless shower glass together with the floating vanity allow one’s eye to flow freely exploring each feature in the seemingly endless room. Nothing can make you take your eyes off this beauty! The extravagant addition of other high-end products add to the beauty and purpose of the area. Modern, sleek and glossy features tie the overall look together, balancing the classiness of a stone in fashion for centuries already with the rest of the young, modern accessories. The use of the beautiful round frameless mirror visually enlarge the space too. The eye almost feels drawn to the deep pool of swirling marble reflected in the mirror. On the other hand we have the rectangular mirror above the vanity featuring a long light, perfect for admiring the room in hind sight. What we were able to show here, is that even the smallest boring space can be transformed into a room speaking of minimalistic royalty. CONTACT: Deborah Garth Interiors

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