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Dec 18, 2018

DDL: Get Festive With Our Top 5 Christmas Decor Ideas

The bells are ringing, the kids are singing. Wrapping paper is flying and holiday flights are being booked. Christmas is just weeks away with tinsel and baubles all around, and what better way to celebrate than getting cheerful with some decorations.

However, with all the hustle and bustle going on around the festive season, many people don’t have the time to turn their homes into a winter wonderland. This year, we’re helping you capture the magic of Christmas with these inspirational (but easy and quick) ideas for decorating your home.

Before we start

To give your interior a more cohesive look, pick a style and stick to it. Go with the traditional green, red and gold colours if you like a traditional setting. Or take a look at the Blues and Pinks for festive interior inspiration outside of the traditional Christmas colours. Get creative, but choose something that complements your house.

But remember, remember less is more. Most people love anything that twinkles and shines, and tend to go a bit overboard during the holidays. Take care not to overload your home with bling. You can create a wonderful festive atmosphere with just a few tasteful accessories.

Light Up the Season

One of the most popular types of Christmas decorations are Christmas lights, and for good reason. Christmas lights bring some added twinkle and sparkle and will help to make your entire home look Christmassy. Whether they’re wrapped around the tree, the banister, or lining the windows, Christmas lights will bring a magical explosion of brightness wherever they’re used. On Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve, lighting the way along your garden path with lanterns or candles in votives for your guests to follow is easy but super-festive.

Tree with a Difference:

The Christmas tree is the highlight of your holiday décor and these themed trees are proof that you don’t have to stick to tradition this year. With limited space and unlimited creativity, many people are making the holidays even more special and unique by designing their own Christmas trees. You can choose the size, the colour scheme, the style and the texture completely to embellish and dress up yours. Or stick to the original tree, but use creative ornaments to decorate it.

Festive Sweets:

As well as filling your home with tinsel and Christmas lights, you’ll also want to provide touches that can be picked at and ingested. After all, tis’ the season to indulge your sweet tooth. Leave bowls full of nibbles around the table for your friends and family to enjoy at their leisure – and make sure that your household plays host to a tub or two of chocolate treats on the day itself.

If you’re wanting something a little more decorative, Candy canes are one of the most commonly used sweets for home decoration. Candy canes can be placed on your Christmas tree, or even on wreaths and they can be perfect to add to wall décor.

Wonderous Wreaths

One of the most common forms of Christmas decorations is the classic wreath. They are usually placed on the front door of a home and are an excellent way to display your festivity as well as just being a nice decoration in itself. However, the festive season doesn’t have to restrict your choice of wreath to “nice”. Try making Christmas wreaths with unexpected shapes, dazzling colours, and out-of-the-ordinary materials.


Trending Touches

If you’re wondering what the trends are for Christmas this year, here are a few ideas to get you started on your décor:

    • Pink – If you want to hazard an original and unconventional colour for Christmas decorating, no doubt you should go for Pink.
    • Rust – Stick with one of the décor industry’s favourite themes this year and go for metallic colours. Rust is a must.
    • Wabi Sabi – The Japanese word for “imperfect, impermanent, and incomplete” is another theme popular for Christmas this year. Choose objects with a new texture by adding imperfect and wrinkled fabrics and handmade ceramics for your table. Colours are muted and raw as well, grey above all.
    • Stars – If you are looking for some conventional Christmas decorations with a new twist, you can always decorate with stars. To make it more interesting feel free to match different materials, textures, styles, playing with the star shape.

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