Creative Spaces With Bold Stripes

These designs have most certainly earned their stripes – from the floors to the walls and everything in between. Stripes are both bold and beautiful in interior layouts – and you can use it to adorn your favourite spaces, from wallpaper, to paint techniques, rugs, scatters, bedding, tiles and even counters.

With its monochromatic palette and big blocks of contrasting colour, wallpaper in black and white is instantly arresting. The perfect piece for offsetting pared-back modern interiors, it looks great hanging in living rooms and hallways. Accentuate room height with a classic stripe pattern such as these beauty in a modern dining room.

WCI Wallpaper

Stripes are certainly one of the most versatile patterns on the face of the planet and can work in almost any design. We love the use of bold black and white for a truly dramatic feel to any space.

There is no denying it that we are a little infatuated with this trend at the moment and we love the vibrancy of monochromatic stripes in modern interiors. If you’re not feeling brave enough to embrace it in full tone on the walls of your home, why not add it in a more subtle manner – through a striped rug or decor accessories to make a big impact in a modern space.

Use stripes on the walls, floors, rugs, scatters and even the drapes. These are sure to add interest to your home in a playful yet sophisticated manner.

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Vertical or horizontal stripes – which are best?

This really is up to you. In many cases, vertical stripes tend to elongate a room and can add the illusion of height. However, horizontal stripes are just as impactful and can make a room feel more expansive. These are also a little more modern and edgy than vertical stripes. Either way, the choice is yours and stripes is always a winner in our book.

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