Creative Living: 5 Outdoor Easter Ideas To Try At Home

Bring some cheer to your home this Easter with these clever decorative ideas for the holidays from Creative Living.

Create an Easter Burlap Banner:

Add some Easter cheer with a reversible burlap banner that you can put up on your patio or across the front door. Write the words ‘Happy Easter’ or stencil images of bunnies, eggs and more to celebrate the holidays.

Easter Bunny Button Decor:

Create a bunny made up of colourful buttons to bring colour and life to your home. Create a bunny silhouette and fill it up with buttons in different shapes, colours and sizes. This is a great activity for the kids to join in on! Your bunny is sure to be the talk of the town too!

A Wooden Easter Sign:

Create a beautiful wooden ‘Easter’ Sign that can be hung outside or on the front door to welcome guests this holiday. Use scraps of wood and have them cut into the letters or visit your local stationery store and purchase the various letters you need. You can also decorate these with paint and colourful accessories or keep them simple in a rustic wood finish.

Create An Easter Egg Jelly Bean Tree

Another one that the kids will love. Let them help you create their own Jelly Bean Tree for Easter. Make the best use of yummy jelly beans and some branches. You can DIY this colourful jelly bean tree and let the kids snack away during the holidays.

Create Cute Easter Bunny Cut-Outs

Cut out and decorate oversized cardboard Easter Bunnies which you can hide or plant in the garden or on your patio. Add these to your potted plants for a little Easter Cheer.

Find these and other great Easter decor ideas for the outdoors from Creative Living.



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