Colour Your World With Olympia Paints

Summer beckons with the latest colours and bright shades of the season. Now you can colour your world with the latest paint hues from Olympia International Paints.

Deep Rich Colours

Olympia International Paints fully identify with a South African audience. Their premium-quality paint is locally-manufactured, using only the very best-in-quality, environmentally-friendly products with YOU, the customer, in mind.

Natural Shades of grey

A wide selection of interior, exterior, and roof paints, as well as wood varnishes are available and come in a range of shades to suit your every colour craze.

Bold Colours

Summer shades to bring home this season:

  • Deep rich colours add vibrancy and summer playfulness to any interior. Choose bold tones to add life and colour to your walls – from the bedroom to the lounge!
  • Fancy hues of blue – blue in various shades are cool and calming in the home.
  • Natural hues including everything on the spectrum from beige to shades of honey, soft greys and colours such as sage with grey undertones. A natural interior colour palette is timeless and elegant.
  • Coral shades are always hot and happening. You could also brighten up your space by blending oranges and pinks for a burst of colour and energy.
  • Choose feature colours such as deep green or khaki tones – inspired by nature and perfect for the upcoming Spring/Summer season.
Colour Washing

If you want to play with colour and get just the right shade for your room or area, choose the colour temperature that suits your persona and arrange your scheme in one of the following ways:

COLOUR HARMONIES – choose colours that are similar or adjacent to each other on the colour wheel.

COLOUR MONOCHROMES – choose tints or shades of the same colour by mixing white or black.

COLOUR COMPLIMENTARIES – choose colours from opposite sides of the colour wheel to produce contrasts.

Select the right colours for your space and find out more here. Once you’ve made your colour selection, why not shop the great value Spring Specials online at Olympia Paints. 


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