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Feb 21, 2017

Colour blocking

From contrasting colour schemes to geometric panels, you can create spaces that will inspire you to renew your home with colour blocking


If you know what color you want to paint your wall, go for an exciting patch. With masking tape and a little creativity, create your own geometric creation on your wall. From triangles to squares and hexagons to the perfect circle, make your walls visually dreamy or vivid to set the mood you want. Try these methods:


One patch on a white wall gives a simplistic and sleek effect. It’s a good way to highlight an element in the room, but also perfect as a background and context for a collection of pictures or shelves. You can choose to let the shelves and frames from the wall popping by using contrasting colors, but the opposite is also great: paint the shelves and / or photo frames in the same color as the patch.


If it’s minimal that you’re looking for, then go for your own geometric designs. Choose shades that are close together, so it is a beautiful whole and does not look like a violent and swearing colors. colourblocking_3 AROUND THE CORNER

Color outside the lines once and limit not just your color patches on a tight wall, but also at an angle. colourblocking_1 CIRCLES

What you can do with a square and a triangle, can also with a circle. A circular patch is an area softer and goes well with romantic colors like pink. You can also make several circles overlap and so play with different shades. colourblocking_5

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