Cleaning Tasks You Can Miss Skip Spring

Cleaning house is good for your mind and environment, but we can so easily become preoccupied with a list of chores that we forget to enjoy the benefits of our homes! Here we share some of the cleaning tasks you can skip over for the rest of winter


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1. Window cleaning

With the rainy season in full swing, it becomes quite pointless to wash the windows on a regular basis. Unless they are really filthy, you can get away with skipping your routine window washing for a month or two until things warm up.

2. Aircons and fans

If you’re not using your fan or air conditioner during the winter months, then wait until you plan to use these vital pieces of equipment before you do a proper cleaning. Don’t waste your energy keeping these in pristine condition during the off seasons.

3. The Guest Bedroom

If not frequently used, you don’t need to worry about cleaning the guest bedroom that often. Linen and drapes do not have to be changed weekly if no one is occupying this space.

4. Storage Closets

Whether a linen closet or a storage cabinet – you don’t have to spend an endless amount of time organizing and cleaning out these spaces which are home to seasonal items. Repack your storage closets at the start of each season so that you have everything you need and then close the door and unwind until you need to sort through all of your storage and belongings the next season.

5. The Freezer

You can get away with cleaning the freezer less frequently as frozen food typically has a longer shelf life than fresh foods and will last much longer in your freezer. That said, you should still be cleaning it out every now and again and tossing old or expired foods.

6. Dusting

Skip lengthy periods of dusting by hand and invest in a convenient and compact vacuum cleaner that will suck up the dust in half of the time. Save time (and your sanity) and let the vacuum do the cleaning on your behalf.

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