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Nov 30, 2018

Christmas Décor Ideas For Your Face Brick Fireplace

Image courtesy of Nelly Friedel

Feeling festive yet? Nothing stirs up the seasonal spirit quite like the idea of gathering around a beautifully decorated face brick fireplace (even if it is too hot to start a fire) and spending time with your favourite people.

So, why not kick-start some holiday cheer by focusing on ways to up your Christmas fireplace décor game this year?

These 4 stunning ideas from Corobrik are sure to help you string your Christmas stockings in style!

  1. Apricot Undertones

Image: kevindavid.info

Does your face brick fireplace feature warm orange or apricot undertones? If so, you could use a few splashes of red or bronze in your décor to bring out the brick’s hearty hues. Take note of how the design featured above uses bronze baubles and stockings, as well as the red trimmings of the carpet and clock to unify the vibrant colour palette.

2. Shades of Silver Grey

Image: abrickhomebymarley.com

Working with grey brick can be especially fun in terms of Christmas fireplace décor! This is because it creates such dramatic contrast. The red elements used throughout this design provide a great example of the way the colours pop against a more neutral shade!

As a side note, we really love how the soft fabric textures of the throw, pillows and stockings bring balance to the rough background of solid grey brick.

3 Rustic Meets Contemporary

Image courtesy of Heather Case

When it comes to transitionary styles, it can be quite challenging to decorate. In this case, it’s best to keep things simple to avoid overstimulating the senses. As seen with this rustic face brick fireplace design (which is blended with white contemporary panelling), one stand-out décor feature, like the pine tree and fairy light garland, is all you need to create a dazzling focal point.

4. Washed in White

Image: recentlytheblog.com

Going for a winter wonderland look? Having white-washed brick makes achieving this look much easier. Christmas fireplace décor such as white candles and snow-brushed pine cones can work to accentuate the whimsical wonderland feel.



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