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Dec 2, 2018

Ambiente: These Are Dark Times

The intense shades of purple, dark blue and black are undergoing a renaissance in architecture, interiors and fashion. Walls and interior objects in these dark shades, whether individually or combined, gain depth and character.

The latest dark fashion accessories add interest to a timeless, pared-down look. These dark shadows are a metaphor for extravagance, and also symbolise a retreat into the private sphere, a re-centring on oneself in the face of a complex, chaotic world outside. It seems we have an increasing need to hibernate, seeking focus and strength in intimate surroundings.

Deep purple

Fabienne Chapot

Purple provides the perfect backdrop to this retreat: a soulful, spiritual colour for the subconscious and for introspection.

Reflections Copenhagen

This mystical world of solemn, heavy colour can be underpinned using materials such as velvet, velour, precious stones, ebony and marble. Deep purples give furniture and accessories a refined extravagance. The setting in opulence provides, both in public and in private, a thrilling counterpoint to the ever-present minimalist, flexible approach to modern interiors. Incidentally, it’s a myth that dark colours make spaces look smaller. Given sufficient light and contrasting elements, it’s possible to achieve the right balance between light and dark.

Ode to Elegance

Tensions arise where dark blue and black interact. Until recently this combination was seen as a no-go in both interiors and fashion, but it’s now an unmistakable feature of depth and intensity, as both colours try to outdo each other in their effects. The complex interplay of various dark colours provides an immediate hint of luxury in private spaces, cafés, restaurants and hotels, further underlined by carefully curated accessories. This is a look that features crockery made of ceramics with a handmade feel, leather shoes and bags, and precious stones such as amethyst or onyx set in stunning-sized jewellery.

Roomers Hotel, Frankfurt am Main

Roomers Hotel, Frankfurt am Main

In the home accessories kingdom, the eclectic is king. A mixture of hand-picked styles and references is highly sought after as a means of expressing individual character. This art is best exemplified at Roomers Hotel in Frankfurt am Main.

Ultraviolet Restaurant in Shanghai – Photo: Scott Wright of Limelight Studio

Here, the trendy triumvirate of mysterious tones is applied to exclusive materials and organic forms to complete the look. These are charming spaces which entice the visitor with their boudoir charm and gently decadent attitude. They express society’s increasing embrace of ‘true values’: the interiors signity attributes such as longevity, timelessness and quality through the use of materials that include marble, natural stone, velvet and wood, coupled with mood lighting.

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