A Hot New Lineup on The Home Channel

Gear up for summer and catch your favourite shows and the latest new programmes on The Home Channel, on DStv Channel 176.

Here’s what you can expect to see:

Income Property, Season 6

Real estate investor and contractor, Scott McGillivray, leads buyers through the house hunt and renovation of their first Income Property.

Love it or List it, Season 5

On Love It Or List It, milestone life changes and evolving family dynamics combine to create scenarios where a family’s needs have outgrown the function of their house. In each episode, one couple finds itself at odds about the fate of their home; one person wants to renovate the house to fix the dysfunction and create their forever home, while the other sees no end to the issues and wants only one thing – out!

My Dream Home, Season 5

On My Dream Home, Property Brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott help couples find, buy, and transform extreme fixer-uppers into incredible dream homes. First, real estate specialist Drew tracks down hidden gems with untapped potential, and then it’s up to identical twin brother and contractor Jonathan to expertly overhaul these ramshackle properties.

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes, Season 1

On Best Ever Dishes, chef Tom Kerridge wants to show us how to cook the best ever versions of the kind of food we all love. He’ll be turning every day dishes like lasagne, roast lamb or rice pudding into extraordinary ones which will taste unlike any version you’ve tried before.

Gardening 101, Season 5

Melanie Walker, one of South Africa’s most passionate landscape enthusiasts, joins forces once again with food gardener extraordinaire, Linda Galvad, in a fresh season of Gardening 101.

Location, Location, Location, Season 20

Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer continue with a brand new series of Location, Location, Location and this time the challenge ahead of them is tougher than ever.

Restoration Australia, Season 1

Restoration Australia follows homeowners across the country as they restore Australia’s great homes to their former glory; important homes, that would otherwise be turned to rubble.

Game of Homes, Season 2

Game of Homes is a huge home renovation competition show, which takes place in the heart of Vancouver. Four teams of two are given an abandoned house scheduled for demolition, and room-by-room, they have to renovate it into the house of their dreams.

Mad About The House, Season 2

On Mad About the House, couples who can’t afford to renovate their home are given $25,000 to renovate three rooms in their house, but there’s a catch – only one of them gets to make every design, decorating and DIY decision.

Kevin Dundon’s Back To The Basics, Season 1

Back to Basics, award-winning Irish chef Kevin Dundon demonstrates how easy and straight forward cooking can be.

Caesarstone Special

After scouring and filming every inch of Milan Design Week 2018, consulting with the ultimate authorities in design and dissecting the multitude of diverse trends, Caesarstone South Africa is proud to present the predictions of what the Kitchen of the Future has to offer – what it will look like, what it will feel like and how it will contribute to the efficiency of your everyday life.

Buyers Bootcamp, Season 1

Scott McGillivray is taking his passion for real estate investing to a whole new level in Buyers Bootcamp!

Leave it to Bryan, Season 5

Homeowners get a much-needed reality check in the ultimate renovation tug-of-war between wants and needs.

Design for You, Season 1

Design for You is a show where you can draw home decor and design inspiration. Join host Pilani Bubu as she chats to some of South Africa’s top interior design experts about everything from space, colour and texture to fabrics, furniture and even lighting.

Don’t miss out and tune into DStv Channel 176 to follow your favourite programmes at The Home Channel.


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