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Apr 14, 2018

8 Ideas to Add Instant Curb Appeal To Your Home

Elevate the style of your home with a few basic upgrades that will instantly add curb appeal and create an attractive entrance to your house! It doesn’t take a major renovation to spruce up your home’s front yard. With a few simple changes, you can transform your space and make a great first impression.

Here we share some easy ways you can add curb appeal to your precious abode.

Add a few planters:

Greenery has a way of adding freshness to any space, especially the front yard. With water restrictions in play, keep it simple and add a few oversized pots with water-wise planters for that wow factor. Line the pathway leading to the front door with a few potted plants and add vibrancy with ease!

A fresh coat of paint:

Before winter kicks in, perhaps it’s time to repaint the exterior of your home. Choose a fresh new colour for a vibrant new look. Go for contrast with a different shade of paint to accent the windows and architectural pillars around your home.

Clean the gutters and roof:

A quick clean up will not only prepare your home for the winter months but will keep things looking neat, fresh and pristine. Ensure that all your gutters are operational and fix up any leaks and damaged areas in time for winter.

Paint the front door:

Go bold and paint your front door with a vibrant colour of your choice. Whether dramatic black, bold red or classic white – a fresh new coat of paint on your front door will certainly add aesthetic value to home!

Create a pathway:

Create a beautiful stone path leading to the front door. Whether you use cobbles, cement or stone finishes, you can create a feature in your front yard with a gorgeous pathway.

Go Green:

Lush grass adds instant appeal but if you’re battling to grow a beautiful green carpet of grass in the front yard, you could opt for artificial lawn as a low-maintenance option. Not only is this a more affordable and water-wise alternative, but you’ll have good-looking greenery in the front yard all year long!


If you’re not sure what plants will work where then get some landscaping advice or visit your local nursery for inspiration and a few ideas to implement in your front garden. Keep existing hedges and shrubs trimmed and maintain borders and beds.

Add a swing or bench:

Add some final touches to your newly improved front yard with some functional furniture like a garden bench or swing. You’ll create a cosy and inviting atmosphere that will double as a great spot to sit and unwind while you enjoy your new space!

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