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Apr 18, 2018

4 Ways to Add French Style To Your Interior

The French are renowned for their innovations in design and trendsetting ways when it comes to the world of fashion, beauty and striking interiors. Here we share some simple ways you can incorporate a truly French style into your home!

Create an Effortless Style

Keep things sleek and embrace a beautifully minimalist and effortless interior that oozes French style. White and beige with open spaces are key here… but don’t be limited to this colour palette. Strategic colour choices may help you bridge the gap between old and new!

The French understand the value of chic effortless interiors… so invest in simple art and muted tones and give your furniture room to breathe. Also remember to choose simplistic bathroom, kitchen and light fittings that aren’t too overpowering.

Make things Personal

The French love personalised spaces with bric-à-brac pieces that include vintage finds and trinkets from international travels. Keep it simple, mix vintage with new, and allow your memories and treasures brought home from travels to shape the space. Add your own personal flair with custom pieces and special collections that may include newspaper clippings, old wine bottles and upcycled finds.

Go Vintage and Add Charm

Vintage pieces add character and charm to your interior. The French are renowned for using vintage and rustic pieces that evoke a sense of soul. Choose distressed furniture and pieces that tell a story, which are beautiful additions in a French-inspired space. Think sustainably and upcycle items – reuse and reinvent your furniture for authentic French flair.

Parquet Flooring

Parquet flooring oozes French style and can totally transform your interior with beautiful timber tones.The word “parquet” refers to the renowned design, which includes small pieces of wood arranged in geometric designs — herringbone being the most popular in French provincial style. The introduction of parquet flooring, together with minimal fixtures and a “messy” aesthetic will allow you to emulate chic French style into your own home.

A great read is How The French Live – through the lens of French families and captures their effortlessly chic “less house, more home” modern French lifestyle.  Be  and feel more inspired  here





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