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Jun 6, 2018

6 Designer Ways to Style An Open Shelf

Whether you’re a collector of beautiful decor or looking to add a special display area in your home, the ideal place for exhibiting your wares can often be found in spaces that boast open shelves. In fact, open shelves are more than simple storage solutions – styled correctly, these can become wonderful features in any interior.

Here we share some tips for displaying objects on open shelving.

  1. Group items that complement one another in terms of colour, material, purpose or size. Perhaps you have a collection of travel memorabilia that you would like to display on an open shelf. Group these together and make a statement feature in the given space.
  2. Create contrast by selecting items that are different in nature and size. Contrast can be added by mixing and matching textures of items as well as contrasting colours. When grouping items, you can create a wonderful aesthetic by adding height to a shelf with larger items that draw the eye in to focus on smaller items.

3. Give everything a home. If your collection is quite established, you may want to invest in a custom cabinet to display all your finds. We love the look of a rustic shelf that brings depth to any space. Scour second-hand shops and antique stores for the perfect display cabinet for your old-world charms.

4. Less is More. When grouping items you don’t want to create disorder and clutter. On the contrary, be selective about what items you want to display and choose those pieces that have value and meaning to you. These treasures can easily become heirlooms and assets in your interior.


5. Function is important too. Whether in the dining room or kitchen, remember that open shelves are not only there to look pretty but they also offer valuable storage space where you need it most. In the kitchen, above the countertops, open shelves are ideal for storing your day-to-day wares including glass bowls, crockery and utensils. Keep things in place and create an accessible kitchen that offers ample storage and functionality.

6. Memories and art. We love beautiful gallery walls of art, photographs and sentimental items on display on open shelves. You can create a distinct and unique space by incorporating some of your favourite framed images and photographs on a feature wall in a passageway or living room.  We love a more neutral look such as the gallery wall featured below in tones of black and white.

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