4 Wine Cellars That Show Face Brick At Its Finest

4 Wine Cellars That Show Face Brick At Its Finest

Image courtesy of Kemper Associates Architects

Have you been dreaming about building a wine cellar to grow your collection of fine wines? We’ve got some face brick wine cellar designs, hand-picked by Corobrik, that will make you want to turn your dreams into reality.

Apart from being the perfect building material to help control your cellar’s temperature and humidity (because of its inherent thermal qualities), face brick is also sought after for its established and timeless look – which works wonderfully when it comes to wine cellar designs. Have a look at these 4 face brick wine cellars to see some masonry magic at work.

Cultured And Classic

Image courtesy of Renew Properties

This face brick wine cellar design skillfully straddles the line of being over the top and underwhelming to reach a balance that echoes all the ideals of classic design. We’re absolutely crazy about how the herringbone pattern, seen in the clay paver flooring, breaks up the linear monotony and forms and arrow-like effect that leads the eye to the chairs and table – which form the focal point.

Get The Look: You could use Corobrik’s Burgundy Piazza Paver, Cederberg Piazza Paver and Old Cape Red face brick to recreate this classy and classic style.

Villas And Vineyards

Image courtesy of Parker House Inc

Could face brick wine cellars get any better than this? The domed face brick ceiling gives the room extra height and adds a sense of grandeur and elegance, reminiscent of an old villa. Working effortlessly with the ceiling, the chandelier, face brick walls and pavers come together to harmonise this majestic design.

Get The Look: Try Corobrik’s Nala Travertine face brick to bring this dreamy design to life.

Straightforward And Simple

Image courtesy of Judd Builders

If you want to avoid all the fuss and frills with your wine cellar, then a simple design like this may be up your alley. This sort of design is also really great if you have a smaller space to work with or want to add a small wine cellar into an existing room as a side feature.

Get The Look: Corobrik’s Bofolo Travertine face brick could help you get the rich warmth and texture seen in this face brick wine cellar design.

Cosy Face Brick Cove

Image courtesy of Eklektic Interiors


This warm and inviting face brick wine cellar creates a cosy, classy and comfy atmosphere that’s conducive to having a few friends over and appreciating the finer things in life together. Our favourite feature of this design is the basket weave patterned clay paver flooring – we love how it adds to the homeliness and warmth of the room.

Get The Look: You could use Corobrik’s Cederberg Paver and Country Manor face brick to create a wine cellar similar to this one.

We hope you’ve enjoyed this selection of face brick wine cellars! Feel free to contact your nearest Corobrik centre if you’re interested in building a face brick wine cellar and need advice.

Corobrik’s face brick range has just as many shades of red as most wine collections do, so browse through their captivating colours and find the right face brick hue to compliment your cabernets or sauvignons. 


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