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Dec 4, 2018

4 Ways To Create A Cosy Reading Area At Home

No space for a full-on library or study in your home? No problem. Here we share a few simple ways to create a stylish and comfortable reading area in your house.

Reading zone with a view

You don’t need a huge room dedicated to reading. Instead, invest in a comfy chair that you can curl up on and enjoy your favourite novel. Position it near a window with ample natural lighting and voila… an instant reading area with a view! This can be in a living area, bedroom or in any sunny spot in your home. Tip: Add soft linen drapes to help create an earthy and fresh look in this space.

A comfy nook

Do you have unused space under a stairwell or in an awkward nook in your home? Why not add a comfy reading chair, a lamp and a simple shelf with your favourite books! Create a cosy space in a quiet spot which can be an instant upgrade in your home! Tip: Add interesting artwork or colour to the walls to invite vibrancy in this little nook.

A spare room

If you have an underused guest bedroom or storage room, why not convert this into a reading room and create a cosy space for you and your family to enjoy a good book in peace and quiet. Add a stylish reading chair and let the key be comfort and style in a quiet reading area just for you! Tip: Make the space multi-functional to suit your family’s needs – add a day bed, office desk and more to accommodate your family’s needs!

A Bay Window

We love the idea of custom seating around a bay window. Create a beautiful upholstered seat or add your own furniture in this space to create a calming zone dedicated to reading. Be sure that you add a space to store your books and you’ll instantly have a special reading area at home. Tip: Add a pop of colour with bright scatters and interesting soft furnishings to brighten this space.

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