Trend Alert: Modern, Matte Meir Tapware

We are in love with the sleek design and modern matte black tapware from Meir now available from industry leaders Stiles. They’re taking sophisticated bathroom experiences to a whole new level!

Meir is an Australian company that designs and manufactures Premium Architectural Tapware in a range of finishes, including Matte Black and Chrome; all with an emphasis on modern design and clean lines.

Designed with the assistance of leading Australian architects, Meir crafts each piece from concept to production at the highest standards and uses an Electroplated matte finish for durability. As such, Meir is confidently able to offer an outstanding 15-year warranty.

Now you can create the bathroom of your dreams with tapware to suit your contemporary style. Bold, black and beautiful, the latest matte tapware from Meir is simply mesmerizing.

Matte Black is subtle yet elegant. This range dares to push the boundaries of luxury tapware, in an ever-changing landscape where design trends shift away from traditional Chrome. Meir’s renowned electroplated matte finish is the world’s most respected and distributed offering in this range of finishes.

Meir’s signature Champagne finish is also the most elegant offering in the range. A sophisticated combination of Chrome and Rose-Gold makes the Champagne the unmistakable choice for an ultra-premium experience.

The flawless finish of Chrome is also available from Meir – timeless and commonly referred to as the obvious choice for renovators, builders and home-owners alike.

Another contemporary offering is Tiger Bronze. Utilising the natural charm of bronze and copper, Tiger Bronze adds unique character through its brushed black undercoating and clear lacquer coating. The brushed gold tones work with a wide range of colours, and provides an amazing highlight when paired with natural elements or soft pastels.

Now available locally from Stiles, you can bring the magic of premium tapware home!

Shop the look at Stiles.


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