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Jul 19, 2018

Tips To Help You Organise Your Bathroom Counters

In a small home, your counters can easily become cluttered with all the essentials you use every day – whether cosmetics, toiletries, towels and more. Learn to organise your space and let your superior countertops become the focal point they were always meant to be! Here we share a few top tips to help you declutter your space.

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Find alternative storage options

In the bathroom, invest in baskets, drawers and off-the-counter storage options for all your toiletries and grooming products. Under-sink storage is also a great way to keep all your toiletries together neatly – so pack away all of your q-tips, cotton wool and more and create a sleek counter that will help you feel more organised and in charge of your space.

Wall-mounted storage

Install wall-mounted cosmetic units to house all your favourite products. Not only will these help to create a clutter-free counter, but you will also have easy access to your products in one convenient spot. Choose customised compartments for all your nail polish, make up brushes and accessories for a neater appearance.

Keep your towels neat and tidy

Add under-counter baskets to house all of your hand towels for a neat and organised look. You can also install wall hooks or towel racks for a more streamlined appearance in the bathroom. Keep your hand towels off of your countertops and create a more serene space.


Don’t hide your stone counters

Nothing says luxury in the bathroom better than a superior stone surface. Invest in quality counter tops and ensure that your bathroom is built to last. Be sure to declutter your counter for a more minimalist and modern feel.

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Clutter has the ability to distract and destroy the calm environment we all hope to achieve in the bathroom. Find a home for all your miscellaneous items and store these off of your countertops to keep the space organised and clean. This way you’ll learn to appreciate your counters so much more!

Invest in bathroom counters to last a lifetime. Caesarstone offers the best in luxury engineered quartz for counters with style!

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