The Ultimate Shower Experience with Ferreiras

What is it that creates a shower experience? The perfect water temperature, the right mixer, a safe and comfortable surface under foot, added storage and, just enough space, right?

Below are a couple of pointers that we believe help create the perfect shower experience.

Shower Heads:

Is it a soft rainfall feeling you are after or a hard pressured spray? Is it a square shower head or a round one that you want to compliment other shapes in your bathroom? Do you require a pillar shower unit where you can adjust the height i.e. for when you don’t want to wet your hair. In conjunction with this, what about your shower arm? Should it be square or round, long or short? Most importantly, in this day and age for some, is the shower head water saving.

Shower mixers:

A tap is a tap some people say BUT, if you have the choice then why not pick one that is attractive, feels good, works well and saves water all while fitting the look and style of your home. There are many designs out there for mixers, maybe you should visit the Ferreiras showroom to see if the mixer fits your hand – and your budget.

Shower Floors:

Slipping in your shower should never be a concern, especially once you have had your bathroom custom designed. A shower floor typically has a tray, a mosaic in a complimentary colour to your tiles or is customised by having the bathroom floor tile cut into a smaller size/shape or have it made into a mosaic. At Ferreiras, you can make use of this additional service to all customers. You can step outside the box with a custom mosaic in a crazy colour or design or keep it modern and minimalist by using the same tile as the rest of the bathroom.

Top Hints – Glass mosaics are a NO-NO for any shower floor and remember: the more grout lines you have the less slippery it is likely to be.

Shower Storage:

It all depends on your style – and of course how many products you use in the shower. One of the best ways designers like to include storage in showers is by creating built in shower recesses into your walls. These are great because they can be built to any size you like in any existing double brick wall – and they give the illusion of less clutter. The other options are items you can always add to any shower at any stage – glass shelves, shower caddies etc.

Shower Space:

A standard shower enclosure can be 800 x 800/900 x 900 or similar – the market has become more varied by even supplying glass panels for walk in showers too. For a custom shower (size or design) contact us on 011 699 3500 for a quote – Almost anything is possible, single or double showers apply. The more space you have the bigger your shower can be, because aren’t two heads better than one?

Optional extras – total luxury:

Showers these days can be completely customised, with jets, sound, seating and even lighting. It all depends how far you want to go in creating the perfect shower experience.

For more visit Ferreiras.


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