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Feb 15, 2019

The Hansgrohe Style Guide & Leading Bathroom Trends For 2019

The bathroom and the kitchen; two places where Hansgrohe has no problem taking the lead. Why? Because for the last 115 years, Hansgrohe has been delivering the very best in décor, design and diligence when it comes to arguably the two most important rooms in the home. And like every other year, 2019 brings with it all the tantalizing trends, the scintillating styles and invigorating insights of a new year! 

Where the wild fruits are

The kitchen is going to see some major changes as we step even further into the 21st century. While a lot of the more traditional stuff is out; there are some classics which nevertheless remain at the pinnacle of kitchen décor! Let’s take a look.

White, you’re out!

The clean look of purity is losing popularity with kitchen owners, as many seem intent on creating a rich and intoxicating atmosphere in the space where the magic happens! Using dark and nuanced colours is popular, but also the matte-finish is a contender for this year too.

And to pair?

You want to get in on the Logis or the Talis series for your new, darker kitchen. The Logis pairs well with dark tones and a matte-finish, while the Talis offers that sleek debonair feel which would go perfectly with your new countertops!

Maximise the minimal.

That means that minimal is one of the more exciting new trends. Keeping surfaces clear, keeping things stored properly and effectively ‘OCDifying’ your kitchen is big this year. It comes from the Dutch concept of hygge and is already taking the world by storm!

And to pair?

The Décor range is your best friend here! Simple, elegant and smooth, the Décor range will avoid causing any unnecessary feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed.

Where privacy meets elegance

The bathroom is a place of primordial privacy and beauty. It is the only space in the house where a person can reasonably expect a modicum of privacy. So, what does 2019 look like for bathroom trends?

Black, you’re in!

One of the most popular bathroom styles for 2019 is the Bold Black Bathroom. Inspired by the classic Spa experience, the Bold Black features dark granite or quartz tops and a feeling of sultry sensationalism.

And to pair?

The Metropol basin and mixer set is what you want to add to this bathroom to really jazz it up! The Metropol is one of hansgrohe’s most graceful mixer offering. And for the shower or bath, go with the Unica Comfort, hansgrohe’s safest shower tech. In a blackened, dark bathroom, you’re going to need all the support you can get!

Open it up!

The open-concept design is certainly taking off. Although a little less private than a traditional loo, the open-concept certainly allows for a lot more in the way of experimentation in design. Using steel and glass, one can really create the feeling of being out in the open in their bathroom.

And to pair?

If you’re going natural, you want the best in natural taps! First there is hansgrohe’s PowderRain spray type; which makes you feel like you’re showering beneath a beautiful cloud of fine spray. Secondly there is the RainSelect, which will give you more control on your bathing experience. Finally, there is the RainDance E, which will provide the ultimate extra-large shower experience. Any of these would go wonderfully with the open-concept bathroom!

A little taste of trends in 2019 shows that whatever your flavour, Hansgrohe will have the right pairing for you!

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