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Jun 23, 2017

Spotlight: Go Green with On Tap Plumbing and Bathrooms

As one of the nationwide leaders in plumbing supplies, On Tap is on trend with the latest in bathroom offerings now available in one of 25 stores across the country. Here you will find an array of plumbing and bathroom supplies to meet international trends and standards. They house some of the frontrunner brands in the industry and bring global design to our doorsteps. On Tap also does much to encourage green living through modern fixtures and amenities that help to save water.



As one of South Africa’s expert plumbing retailers, On Tap combines high-end furnishings with environmentally friendly designs through a Green Living Campaign.

They will help you decrease your water consumption with aerated sink mixers and integrated dual-flushing mechanisms. What’s more, they have store consultants with a wealth of experience on hand who can give you invaluable tips. There are many ways of conserving water and going green is an individual choice each and every one of us has to make at some stage for the benefit of future generations.

If we conserve water today, we can enjoy it tomorrow. To help you save water and help conserve the environment, On Tap offers local and international brands that are geared towards Green Living. Their eco-friendly local and international product ranges will benefit you as the customer, and the environment.


Invest in quality bathroom fixtures and do your part to go green and save the environment. You can rest assured that On Tap will go the extra mile to help you achieve the bathroom of your dreams.

For more visit www.ontap.co.za.

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