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7 Shower Cleaning Hacks Everyone Should Know

Cleaning the bathroom is nobody’s idea of fun! But with a few good cleaning hacks, you can quickly get the sparkle back in your shower and add to the overall appearance of your bathroom. Here are our top tips for cleaning your shower, no mess, no fuss!

Struggling to clean your shower head? Is your shower head a greasy, grimy mess? Vinegar can clean just about anything! Use a plastic bag filled with one cup of white vinegar and one cup of water. Secure the bag around your shower head. Let it rest for at least an hour to soak off the grime (overnight soaking works best!). Your shower head will be squeaky clean in no time at all! Shower curtain problems? Does your shower curtain bunch on the floor? This can be a breeding ground for mildew and dirt from the floor. The easy solution? Cut it to the perfect length so that the curtain does not bunch on the floor and collect grime. Keep your shower curtain clean with a simple salt water solution. Add to a spray bottle and spray down your curtain to help avoid mould build-up.

Clean those shower door tracks Don’t let grime build up on those shower door tracks. Mix a solution of vinegar and water and clean those delicate parts with q-tips to get into all the grooves.

Hard water stains? If your plumbing fixtures have evident signs of hard water stains, use a lemon to get rid of the marks. Cut a lemon in half and rub these all over your taps. Your shower will also benefit from a citrus fresh aroma!

Use a squeegee! Do you struggle with water marks and soap scum on your shower door? After cleaning it with a soapy solution, use a squeegee to wipe away excess water and get a stain-free door in no time at all!

Sticking shower rails? Does your shower curtain get stuck along the rail? Use a little bit of petroleum jelly, applied to the rail and avoid those unwanted sticky situations! Make a cleaning paste with natural ingredients Add baking soda in a large plastic container and slowly pour in white vinegar until it becomes a paste. Be careful, it’s going to fizz up! Scoop the paste out of the container and apply to your shower doors. Let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes and then remove it with a squeegee and warm water. Looking for showers. Shop here:

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