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Dec 17, 2017

Save Water with Hansgrohe’s EcoSmart Technology

South Africa is currently experiencing one of the worst water crises in recorded history. Sitting around, hoping, and waiting for sufficient rainfall throughout the country, especially the areas that need it the most, is simply not enough. It is the responsibility of each and every South African to save as much water as they possibly can.

Even though many people strongly believe that the little bit they will save won’t make a difference, when in actual fact it is scary to see how much of a difference it makes if you add up every drop saved by various households. As a champion of the value of water, Hansgrohe assumes a leading role in dealing with ways to conserve water by adding value to the market with products that save water and that are environmentally sustainable. Their water saving taps and showers require up to 60% less water than conventional products without compromising comfort or the premium Hansgrohe experience. Not only will you be protecting the environment but you will feel the difference in your pocket when the energy and water bills become less. The Hansgrohe online water savings calculator was developed in such a way that anyone can calculate the amount of energy and water your household can save with an EcoSmart basin mixer or shower head. Simply select the EcoSmart product you are considering to buy or if you are just having a look out of interest choose a product that looks appealing to you. Enter the data required, like your current water consumption, occupancy rate, usage duration, water price, etc. It will then show you the comparison between your current energy/water cost and the energy/water cost with the selected EcoSmart product. Your annual savings will be displayed in Rand, liters per year and kg of CO2 to ensure you see the bigger picture. The reality of what a big difference you can make quickly kicks in. Contact: Hansgrohe


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