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Victorian Bathrooms: Explore A Selection of Custom Finishes & Taps

As we move into a new age of diversity, instilling a sense of uniqueness in our private spaces is a must for architects, designers and homeowners alike. From bush lodge to city penthouse, country cottage to urban loft, Victorian Bathrooms’ bespoke finishes provide an uncommon palette to capture the individual ambiance and atmosphere of your intended design.

One can refer to their bespoke finishes as ‘living finishes’ that develop a natural patina over time, changing as they react with the environment. A natural aging process will occur organically on these hand crafted products offering a certain appeal and charm.

The majority of the finishes are engineered by hand, making them unique and individual to every order. It is therefore important to note that no two items are identical and each will age in their own way.

Most of these taps are imported into South Africa with a chrome finish and are re-engineered by hand locally, giving them their unique and individual characteristics. Black powder coating on the Britannia tap-ware range is produced in Italy.

Aged brass

Aged brass is a popular finish. The chrome is stripped off the taps down to the raw brass which is subsequently oxidized and blackened, resulting in a medium brown hue with golden burnt undertones. The natural aging of the finish will continue over time.

A seeker of this finish should be intrigued by the effect age and wear has on a product in each environment. The metal will continue to darken and a slight Verdigris may appear, especially if the tap is installed close to sea air. While at home in any situation this finish lends itself to earthy eclectic spaces such as bush lodges or the popular barn style.

Brushed brass

Brushed brass is beautifully raw in appeal, providing an escape from the common new-world shine and perfection. The finish has tiny brush marks on the surface creating depth and a matt satin appearance.

At first the tone will be a light golden hue which will tarnish naturally unless an abrasive cleaner is used to maintain the original brushed brass finish.

The warm character of Brushed Brass is making its way into more and more modern homes.

Polished brass

Polished brass tends to be bright, shiny and highly reflective with a hue similar to that of gold. This finish is not lacquered and will tarnish with time unless it is maintained by using a suitable polish.

Brass is a soft metal and small imperfections may be visible in the final product. This is a polished finish however it will not have the ‘too perfect’ appearance of gold plating.

Brushed nickel

Warm and delicate, Brushed Nickel appeals to those seeking softness and comfort in the bathroom.

‘Champagne’ in hue and with a tactile feel, this matt finish is extremely versatile; from the modern industrial to the more traditional French style interior.

Polished nickel

Along with sophistication, polished nickel adds a subtle warmth to your tap-ware.

Soften an industrial style loft or add elegance to that boutique hotel project with the golden glow that this finish offers.

Powder-coated matt black

Matt black bathroomware has now established itself as a timeless genre that will be around for years to come. Finished in Italy, this style is available on the Britannia range of taps, mixers and shower kits.

While dramatic set against a crisp white metro tile, this range also looks fabulous on raw concrete for that industrial chic look, or even on a light Scandinavian wood for a calming zen-like atmosphere.

Find these latest finishes now available at Victorian Bathrooms.

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