A rustic bathroom retreat – get the look now!

There is something magical about a rustic bathroom that showcases a mix of raw materials with a modern twist. Bringing in some country charm to your bathroom will make it feel lived in and cosy, but you don’t have to sacrifice style for a more rustic design. In fact, rustic charm is a hot designer look at the moment!

Here’s how you can embrace a more rustic designer look in your bathroom:

1. Upcycle a bathroom vanity You don’t have to splurge on expensive new bathroom fixtures. In fact, by using reclaimed wood and an old vanity in the bathroom, you will immediately increase the rustic charm of the space. Look for a vintage wooden piece and let it become the feature in your bathroom.

2. Raw materials Concrete is a great addition in a rustic bathroom. In fact, modern concrete finishes are elegant and stylish and can be used to complement the interior styling of your bathroom. Ceiling-to-floor concrete walls are spectacular and can add character to your home. Exposed concrete and even brick will do the trick – and you won’t regret the retro and rustic feel you’ll be able to create!

3. Vintage tiles Move away from minimalist and shiny tiles. Instead, opt for vintage prints and tiles that will add to the rustic nature of your space. From vintage mosaics and even wood-look tiles – get that rustic charm you have been hoping for!

4. Natural wood Adding wooden touches to your bathroom will definitely enhance the rustic charm of your interior. Add recycled wooden crates for storage, or make the most of exposed wooden beams, doors and cabinets in natural tones. Wood will add a warmth to the space that is very welcome in trying to achieve a rustic bathroom.  

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